National Champion Marcus Ginyard

Marcus Ginyard played at North Carolina from 2005-2010 under Coach Roy Williams. He was in the same recruiting class as Danny Green, Tyler Hansbrough, and Bobby Frasor. He was know for his defense, but had a knack for scoring and playmaking. Although Marcus was redshirted due to injury in 2009, he was a big part of the National Championship team. Since North Carolina, his career has taken him all over the world. He’s played in Germany, Israel, Poland, NBA Developmental League, Russia, Greece, France, Macedonia and Romania.

Marcus continues to still be a fan favorite at Chapel Hill. I had the chance to ask him a few questions about his career and what he is up to today.

You played 4 years at UNC. Could you describe what it is like to be part of the greatest rivalry in sports (against Duke)? How big of a factor is being at home, on the road, and crowd play?

It’s a feeling that’s impossible to describe. The whole world is watching that game and everyone knows how important it is to win this game. This game has so much energy surrounding it, with ESPN running ads weeks before, the whole town getting involved, and of course family and friends always chiming in as well. You can’t help but treat this game different than all the rest. All year long you’re constantly coming into contact with Duke fans since you’re so close, so ‘bragging rights’ is just one of the huge motivating factors behind this match up. The crowds play a huge factor in this game! In both venues, its nearly impossible to hear yourself think during big moments of this game. I love my home crowd, but the fiery atmosphere in Cameron is every competitors dream as well!

At UNC, you stood out for your defense. What have your roles been for the teams you’ve played for overseas?

My roles have varied throughout my career, but have definitely expanded since my days at Carolina. I am still extremely proud to see myself as a PLAYER, not a position, or a defender, just a player who can do a lot of things to contribute to his team.

What are your plans this season?

I just signed to play in Romania, for CSM Oradea.

Written by Tom Ballato
*I do not own the rights to the photo in this article. Photo taken from Marcus Ginyard.

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