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Willie Reed waiting for his next NBA call

By Tom Ballato

Willie Reed signed a NBA G-League contract a few weeks ago with the goal of returning to the NBA. Willie Reed played one season for Brooklyn Nets (2015-2016) and Miami Heat (2016-2017), while he split time last season with the Los Angeles Clippers and Detroit Pistons (2017-2018). After the season, Reed became a free agent. Reed played for the Eberlein Drive in the TBT Tournament this summer. He was a big addition to an already loaded team. They finished as the runners up of the tournament.

Reed was selected with the first overall pick in the 2018 NBA G-League draft by the Salt Lake City Stars (Utah Jazz affiliate). Reed isn’t expected to remain in the G-League very long. His ability to play defense and rebound will help an NBA team’s bench.

“One day at a time I’ll keep working until I get back.” -Willie Reed

Willie Reed
Photo courtesy of PumaHoops.

What got you into the game of basketball?

Basketball has always been a passion of mine. I fell in love with the game and how it brings people together from day one.

How would you describe your journey so far professionally? 

My journey so far has had some ups and downs, but I thank God for being healthy, my wife and kids, and opportunity to keep living out my dream. I look forward what’s next.

What are your goals for this season?

My goal for this season is to get better everyday, while also helping those around me. Become a better leader and word my way back to the NBA.

You recently signed with the G-League. Did you have options before signing?

Yes, I had other options beside the G-League like China, but for me it’s about continuing to chase my dream of being an NBA player and impacting a team and it’s success.

Your career has taken you to Brooklyn, Miami, Los Angeles, and Detroit. Is there a moment in your career that has stood out for you?

The bond i’ve built with teammates has definitely stood out. Basketball wise my second NBA start ever I had 22 points and 18 rebounds and that is special and a dream come true.

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